Live Commentary
I host live event broadcasts for the Saint Louis Chess Club.  A strong player, many times a grandmaster, joins me for analysis.  See my screen presence.

The Club has commissioned me to record and present their Grandmaster Lectures into a series.  The Club has been hailed as the “Chess Capital of North America” and these videos are viewed internationally.

Here is a GM lecture.  Lavalier microphones make for pleasant audio and screen capture software lets the viewer see what the Grandmaster sees.

Masters of the Arts
Here’s an artistic one-on-one interview between a Grandmaster and an artist.  I edit these for each new artist whose work is featured at the World Chess Hall of Fame.

Recap Videos
During national and international tournaments, I do daily recaps with interviews and analyses.  Here is the final day of the 2017 Saint Louis Invitational.


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