Sports & Announcing

I have announced for numerous pro wrestling promotions in Missouri and Illinois.  As far as promotional “market share” goes, I am the voice of Saint Louis pro wrestling.

Backstage interview with Fred Yehi – AAW @ Chicago 6/11/21

Hosting a pose-down!

Undercard introductions.

Example of decision announcement.

Here’s an intro of an important main event at the Casa Loma Ballroom

A demo audio recording…

Ring announcing at the Morris University Center in Edwardsville, Ill.:

Editing & Commentary (old)
I created a video brand: St Louis Wrestling.  It was an online wrestling show featuring the different promotions I have worked for.  As far as indy wrestling on YouTube, the show was popular.  I created everything but the action in the ring.

Check out the overall composition.  Although this one only has one match, it is presented in a nice package.  I used my basic Adobe After Effects knowledge for the intro.

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